SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 4 Release!

Hello everyone!

Today, we are releasing another patch for SMBX2 Beta 4. This one fixes bugs that have come up since the last patch, focusing, among other things, on the following: clean upscaling, proper setting of layers and death flags of spawned npcs, and some quality of life stuff.

Download instructions are the usual. For the changelog, yup! That’s right.

Enjoy! And keep an eye out for MAGLX3, a SMBX episode releasing soon for this patch.

18 Replies to “SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 4 Release!”

  1. Yes thank you for keeping the project going, appreciate all the development and hard work you have put into it over the years!

  2. Even when you aren’t a severe gamer you can’t deny that you don’t perform a game occasionally. When you are friendly individuals want to perform with you and when individuals play it means profits over time.

  3. Unbelievable~
    I loved SMBX back in 2011; I had a lot of fun with it along my siblings when I was a little girl. It’s surprising how much time has passed. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi, im Brazillian and i cant open the game. Before, i could play, but now, every time i try to play, apears the mensage: “Run Time 5”, i searched on google and there says thats a problem with the date and hour, so the problem is that im on another hour fuse?

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