SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 3 Release

Hey everyone!

So, today the third patch for Beta 4 is being posted.

Download page is the same as usual. If you would like to download only the changes since an early version of Beta 4, use the Patch 3 download. If you’re new and downloading for the first time, the main download now includes the patch so no need to worry about that.

You can check the changelog for the full details, but most things are bugfixes, alongside a couple other minor details. Have fun!

5 Replies to “SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 3 Release”

  1. no me gustaria que cambien la movilidad de los personajes, no quedaria bien, como por ejemplo, no es bueno que aLugui lo hagan incontrolable, esta bien como esta en la version 1.3

  2. I have an old PC and I was playing the newer version and when I went to turn off the transformer that is making the PC turn on, when the computer turned off and later I went to play when I entered player one and I went there in the slots only I had a complete slot and the others had 0 coins and 0 stars, right after I entered any slot it gave a black screen

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