Day 3

Checkpoint: Added extra settings for changing the powerup and sound
Costume Block: Added extra settings for forcing the block to set a specific costume
Bros (Hammer, Boomerang, Sledge): Added extra settings for jumping through blocks and onto different ledges
Lineguided Cannon: Added extra settings to allow the cannon to spawn NPCs “attached”. Intended to be used with Dino Torch Fire or other nogravity noblockcollision NPCs that make sense as a cannon attachment. Does not work with all NPCs
Bloopers: Add new extra settings
Launch Barrels: Force extra setting limit increased to 99
Snake Block: Added speed extra setting

2 Replies to “Day 3”

  1. you’re doing this update a huge disservice with these snippets i think. you’re just kinda putting chunks of the changelog, there arent even any images or anything

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