Day 5

What is this whole “heavy” thing about anyway?

Added a new weight system to distinguish heaviness of players and NPCs
Added new NPC config flag: “weight” (number)
Deprecated NPC config flag: “isheavy” (boolean)
NPCs that previously set the NPC config “isheavy” now use “weight”
If isheavy is set but weight is not, weight defaults to 2
isheavy is always true when an NPC’s weight is not zero
Players now have a weight of 2, and a weight of 10 while mega
Player weight and their held NPC’s weight are added together
Players and NPCs now have getWeight(), attachWeight() and detachWeight() methods to alter their weight on the fly.
Added new Block/NPC config flags for brittle blocks and donut blocks: ignoreplayers, ignorenpcs, triggerweight. Defaults are false, false and 1 respectively

Yesterday’s little mini-quiz solution is: iselectric, nowalldeath, Small Switches, [Sparky, Power Stars], Thwomps

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  1. I read “no wall death” as “now all death”. Is that just me?

    Also great work on the updates! Keep up the great work!

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