Out now! SMBX2 Beta 5


SMBX2b5 is here! It only took us a brisk 4 years. This update focuses mostly on polishing existing features, expanding on the versatility of various items, fixing bugs, and setting us up to implement new major features in upcoming releases. It’s a bit of a low-key update as far as flashiness is concerned, but once you try it you’ll see that it packs a punch.

We’ll be working on updating the documentation over the course of the coming weeks. Until then, you can read about the new changes in the changelog accessed from the DOWNLOAD. Please report any bugs you find either on the SMBX forums topic or directly in the codehaus discord server. Thank you!

Interested in contests? If you’re reading this close to the release of Beta 5, there’s a good chance a contest is currently being hosted. Whether you’re new to the engine or a veteran, it could be a fun opportunity to dive head-first into the new features.

But even if that’s not for you, we hope you enjoy this new update, and you’re gonna look real surprised when the next major update takes less than 5 years 👁️

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  1. I think it’s amazing how much love and care has been given to Smbx2!! I can’t wait to play and create!
    <3 😐 – /-<
    him lore

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