SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 2 Release

Hey all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that today the second patch for Beta 4 is being posted.

Download page is the usual again. If you would like to download only the changes since an early version of Beta 4, use the Patch 2 download. If you’re new and downloading for the first time, the main download now includes the patch.

This patch is a bit bigger than the initial Patch 1 to Beta 4, with a variety of bug fixes and various other quality-of-life improvements. You can check the changelog for the full details as normal. It shows the new updates in Patch 2 at the start. We did our best to fix known issues, but of course as is normal with development there could be remaining issues, so please let us know if there seem to be any problems! Have fun!

SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 1 Release

Hey all!

Today we’d like to bring you the first patch for Beta 4.

Download page is the usual. If you would like to download only the changes, use the hotfix button. If you’re new and downloading for the first time, the main download now includes the hotfix, too! Nifty!

I say “first patch”, because throughout the past week we haven’t quite been able to sort out all the issues you helpfully told us about. We did, however, catch the most severe ones, and have updated the changelog with a new section at the top detailing what has changed. A couple of things were unfortunately impossible for us to replicate directly, so if we missed fixing them despite our best efforts, please let us know!

The remaining issues we heard about but haven’t resolved yet can be found on the Progress Sheet. Another patch addressing these ought to be available whenever we’re done smashing those bugs!

SMBX2 Beta 4 Release Date!

Wow it’s been a long time since SMBX2 Beta 3, and while SMBX2mx3 and SMBX2 PAL have since been released, it’s about time we got a proper version, right?


We recently announced that SMBX2 b4 will be released in January 2020! We’ve also released a trailer to show off some (but far from all) of the new stuff!

So what’s changed since SMBX2 PAL?

First up, a lot of bugfixes have been made, meaning that SMBX2 b4 will be suitable for releasing episodes again! On top of that, there are a few new blocks, and a lot more stuff is accessible in the editor now. You can now make dark sections, level timers, visual effects, weather, all without a single line of Lua!

We’ve also completely overhauled the launcher, and added a bunch of new tools and settings. We’ll have a full changelog published alongside the release, so be sure to take a look yourself!

So when is this being released?

As we said, the release is scheduled for January, so it’ll be some time within the next month! You’ll have to wait and see for the exact date, but I hope you’ll look forward to it nonetheless!

Hoeloe’s Cereal

SMBX2mx3 Release Notes

SMBX2mx3 is a preview build of SMBX2b4, with a mostly complete feature-set, that’s a little rough around the edges. The specifications of the software can be found in the handbook included in the download. The build’s primary purpose is for it to be used by the MAGLX3 Level Contest, hence mx3. You can download SMBX2mx3 here and, if you’re reading this before the contest deadline, you can sign up to MAGLX3 here. Below is an abridged list of changes and new additions. If you find a bug, please report it in this topic, and we’ll see to get it fixed for SMBX2b4’s release.


Throughout these lists, the most important features are bolded.

  • The default format for level files is now .lvlx.
  • Lunadll.lua and Lunaworld.lua have been standardized to luna.lua for both. The old names still work.
  • Lunaoverworld.lua has been simplified to map.lua. The old name still works.
  • Characters removed: Juni, Princess Rinka
  • Certain Character Demo Stages are being recreated.
  • Tweaks to Uncle Broadsword and Bowser to improve game feel
  • Wario has received a redesign. Go give him a try!
  • Mega Man now sports his 16-bit look by default.
  • Removed unnecessary costumes.
  • Revamped Mario Challenge aesthetic
  • The amount of built-in episodes has been reduced to decrease package size.
  • All sprites now use .png by default. Gif files are still compatible, but will also still need masks.
  • Updated visuals of sizeables and the SMB3 cave tileset.
  • Tileset Itemboxes in the Editor have gotten a facelift.
  • The Testing Menu has been enhanced.

Out-Of-The-Box Additions

These features will not require a single line of lua.

  • The ID range of 751-1000 for Blocks, BGOs, NPCs and Effects are available for personal use. Read more about this feature and “NPC Duplication” in the handbook.
  • BGOs, Backgrounds and Effects now have configuration support. Specifications can be found in the handbook.
  • Added various new NPC codes.
  • Added hundreds of new Blocks and NPCs, dozens of new Effects and BGOs, and some Backgrounds.
  • Two-Way Warps in the Editor work.
  • Legacy libraries now throw a warning when used and will be removed in Beta 5 or later

LunaLua Additions

These features require at least one line of lua.

  • Using loadscreen.lua you can now customize loading screens for your episode.
  • The Data class has been deprecated. Save data handling is now done through the global tables SaveData and GameData.
  • You can now write and use shaders using GLSL and the openGL drawing functions.
  • Using map3d.lua you can make your world map render in a 3D style.
  • You can add a darkness effect to your level using darkness.lua
  • Lineguides have been enhanced and you can add your own NPCs to the list of lineguided NPCs.
  • Orbits.lua lets you create NPCs moving around an anchor in a circular motion.
  • Switchcolors.lua lets you define your own switch colours.
  • Timer.lua is the timer library used by basegame elements. Enabling it activates the Green Berry NPC’s function, too.
  • Actorclass.lua lets you create actors for cutscenes.
  • Animatx2.lua makes complex animation cycles easier.
  • Click.lua lets you handle mouse input.
  • Handycam.lua helps with complex camera control.
  • Pblock.lua exists, serving as a mirror to pnpc.lua, just for blocks.
  • Textplus.lua is the replacement to textblox.lua
  • Lib3d.lua is a 3D renderer for levels, allowing for levels with 3D visuals.
  • Spline.lua lets you create and make objects move along splines.