Bringing The Project Into Peak Condition

Long time no see!

I think it’s about time we show what’s going on behind the scenes and state how we’re gonna swing back around to a release from where we are. It’s nothing to be worried about, just something that isn’t a trivial task.


Currently, we have implemented or done great progress on just about every new end-user feature we want in the beta 4 update. The big hurdle ahead of us is ironing out all bugs that exist within that content. We’re working on a massive checklist for NPCs which represents the biggest bulk of remaining work, which with just about 200 NPCs to check is going to take a bit of time.

There are a few more features which aren’t quite ripe yet, such as effect.txt files and a new comprehensive documentation, but most of the tasks on our Todo-list are either of relatively small scope, or tie into the NPC checklist in one way or another.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these lists if you wanna see where we’re at. For now, though, let me fill you in on a few things that happened since I last posted gifs here:


The job of making everything compatible with everything spawns some really exciting interactions. Grrrols and the Veggie Buster NPC shown in the video at the beginning have to be my personal favourite NPCs right now, purely because of how ridiculously fun they are to use. You can hold Grrrols in front of you like sawblades, and become unstoppable! Unless a bigger Grrrol comes along…

One thing you might notice in the gif above is that Grrrols and Monty Moles have their death effects! Some of you noticed in previous posts that death effects for certain NPCs weren’t looking right or were outright missing. Well, we fixed that! New NPCs actually already support effect.txt files, too!

In addition to the powerup blocks from Beta 3, we now have powerup filter blocks! These blocks immediately set your powerup, and there are also variants to filter your mount or held item. If you don’t want players carrying something further than intended, these are a great choice.

As you can see, the star blocks from Beta 3 can now also contain enemies! We have corrected the spacial anomalies which prevented this from happening previously. And yes, Wigglers now wear their pretty flowers, too.

The Beta 3 ice block now has a hot counterpart. Instead of being slippery, it’s harmful unless carefully approached with an ice flower. And it can be destroyed by various cold things, just like the ice block can be destroyed by hot things.

I might share more cool interactions and mechanics we create in a later blog post, but that’s it for now. Make sure to join the codehaus discord if you want to talk to us or want to see developer discussion directly.

See ya!