Bumps, Boings and Boundless Blocks

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One thing we value while making new content for SMBX2 is to create new ways for designers to build their levels and new ways for players to play these levels. Having things that interact with the environment in the same way the player does is something we always wanted more of in SMBX, so let’s take a look at some that are coming in SMBX2 Beta 4!


Of course, front and center in this post are the bumpers from Super Mario Maker. Though we’ve added some of our own flavour! The blue variant also bounces NPCs around, while the little ones have less power in their bump.


For the Bramble Blast lovers out there we now have complex vines which even come with a thorned variant! The purple heads use a redirector BGO that’s only visible in the editor for steering, while the orange one is controlled through player movement. Another BGO toggles the thorned state, though the thorned and regular vine pieces can also be placed directly in the editor. And don’t be mistaken! Mario can still hold onto the thorned vines! If he survives, that is…


I’ve already shown these a bit but figured I’d showcase them here again due to how much utility they provide when coming up with obstacles. Watching stuff bounce back and forth is incredibly satisfying and I’m excited to see what crazy contraptions people come up with once the update is ready.


These really need no introduction. I’ve already had a ton of gifs on them in an earlier blog post:


But I wanted to draw more attention to some elements which have been added since: The one-way pipes and cannons! Also, yes. The fact that these are featured again means they’re definitely coming as a basegame feature, since we’ve now breached the block limit.


Another thing previously showcased that benefits from having new block slots. We felt it would make sense to seperate level-specific and global switch blocks from one another, since level-specific ones are regularly used for challenges within levels and having a second set for global switch blocks would allow these challenges to coexist with switch palace blocks.


Speaking of switches, you might’ve seen a small blue one in the video above. That’s only the beginning of the madness that is Thwomps pressing various switches! I should mention that POW blocks are sturdy enough to only be hit by Thwomps that destroy turn blocks.


We have added a pretty peculiar red square NPC. This NPC acts exactly like the SMB1 axe NPC, but is only visible in the editor and is not affected by gravity by default! This should make event-triggering contraptions a lot more accessible and less prone to someone forgetting the custom graphics and NPC code for the invisible axes.

That’s all for today! I hope you are excited for all these new features. We’re doing our best to get them delivered to you as soon as possible.

16 Replies to “Bumps, Boings and Boundless Blocks”

  1. Glad to see the trigger zone is a thing. Also, Switch Palaces will be a lot easier to use in the following update. The suits are a nice touch to them as well. From what I read, could someone just use both types of switches to create a nightmare contraption? Hahaha. Anyway, good job staff and can not wait to see how Skewers get improved.

  2. This all looks sweet. I think that the level switch blocks should have suits, though. It would make more since for the switch palace blocks to have their original sprites.

  3. Hey, just a quick question about these two NPCs. I checked out your spreadsheet and most NPCs you’re going to add satisfies my NPC greed, but there’s two things that are basically highly mandatory for the list.
    – Chain Chomp
    – Flame Chomp
    It does not matter if you add these NPCs to Beta 4 or not. I do care that you devs take these NPCs into consideration however.

  4. I found a glitch in Beta 3 that has made my experience highly unplayable. The jump/spinjumps keys have a delay when pressed, which usually takes about 0.1 – 2 full seconds. Occasionally, the jump key doesn’t trigger at all. Its incredibly annoying to build up speed for a jump, only to fall down a pit because your jump key did not trigger at all. I find out this happens more frequently when others keys are pressed, such as arrow keys and run keys.

    This might have been fixed in Beta 4, but I’m not too sure.

    1. Edit: The glitch occurs with all characters. Both default run keys (x and s) trigger the glitch.

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