SMBX2pal Update Announcement & Patch Notes

SMBX2pal is a preview build of SMBX2b4, with a mostly complete feature-set, that’s a little rough around the edges. Wait… the SMBX2mx3 build was already that, so what changed?

The SMBX2 MAGLX3 PAL release addresses various issues found within the basic MAGLX3 build. It’s also the version that will be used by the judges for judging the levels of the contest. If you are a participant and worry that your level has become unbeatable in the process: Don’t worry! We took care of that ahead of time. All the levels work as intended!

The specifications of the software can be found in the slightly-updated handbook included in the download. You can download SMBX2pal here. An elaborate list of updates can be found here. Please report any bugs you find either on the SMBX forums topic or directly in the codehaus discord server. Thank you and please enjoy!

5 Replies to “SMBX2pal Update Announcement & Patch Notes”

  1. Hola creadores de SMBX2, tengo un problema que me pasa con esta versión y la versión de MAGLX3, mi problema es el siguiente cuando empiezo un episodio, toda pero toda la pantalla se pone a oscuras y no se ve nada, lo único que se escucha son los sonidos de los enemigos y del jugador, por favor, decirme como se soluciona. PD: Amo el juego, siempre lo juego todos los días.

  2. Hello creators of SMBX2, I have a problem with the latest version and the version of MAGLX3 and I need the solution, the problem is that when I load an episode of the game and enter everything but the whole screen becomes dark and the only thing that is You hear are the sounds, please give me the solution.

  3. Could there be a wineskinned version of this at some point? I’d love to play this on my Mac with my family!

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