SMBX2 MAGLX3 Build (PAL Update) (2.0.0 PAL)

Released June 2019

This update fixes several issues with the SMBX2 MAGLX3 build and adds a small amount of additional functionality.

If you have participated in the MAGLX3 contest - do not worry! We made sure that all changes are accounted for
and that the judges play the levels as they were intended to be played.

Important updates

Many of these changes may impact how previously created levels behave!


  • Paths with periods in them will no longer cause SMBX2 to go haywire.
  • Custom range (751-1000) items now have a new icon and name in the editor.


  • Unfinished NPCs have been temporarily removed from the game.
  • Charging Chucks now properly jump over walls.
  • Rocks and footballs are no longer initially confused about whether to bounce up or down a slope.
  • New Ninjis no longer follow a layer's movement while airborne.
  • Maverick Thwomps will no longer hit each other.
  • Gas bubbles oscillate twice as fast now, in order to properly reflect SMW.
  • Enemies with the nowaterphysics flag enabled will no longer lose their momentum upon entering/leaving a body of water.
  • Breaking turn block's respawn rules have been adjusted and made more customizable.
  • Cobrats now skip elegantly across quicksand.


  • Gliding block (1f0): Experimental behaviour change, fixing various bugs in the process and emulating the SMW behaviour better.
  • Kirby Bomb Blocks will now destroy adjacent bomb blocks.

New features


  • Extra-settings files may now be placed in paths relative to the level or episode directory.
  • You can now register custom blocks to expandedDefines lists.

New NPCs

  • Phanto
  • Aggro Phanto
  • Furious Phanto
  • 2-Arrow Lift
  • 3-Arrow Lift

Other NPCs

  • Eeries may now use a graph function to define their vertical movement.
  • Paratroopa-type NPCs may now select from "Chase 2", "Low Jump", "Horizontal Straight" and "Vertical Straight" movement options.
  • Cheep-Cheep-type NPCs may now select from "Bounce", "Horizontal Straight" and "Vertical Straight" movement options.
  • "Leaper"-type NPCs such as new Podoboos, Dolphins and Trouters may now optionally be configured to be intangible while in a resting state, using the "friendlyrest" npc config flag.
    • Only Trouters use this setting by default.


  • SaveData._basegame.starcoinCounter can be accessed at any time in order to retrieve the amount of safely collected star coins in the current episode.
  • Darkness.lua: Custom shadowmap support for block IDs.
  • onMessageBox and onPause now pass the responsible Player or associated NPC.

Other changes


  • Palace switches properly save pressed state.
  • NPC template no longer has a typo.
  • background2-#.ini files may now optionally be called background2-#.txt instead.
  • The pause menu is now properly considered a "paused" state.
  • Redirector BGOs now use the 32 pixel grid.
  • Inputs will now be ignored while the game isn't in focus.


  • NPCs will no longer senselessly give out extra lives from unexpected score combos.
  • Potion doors now work in section 1 again.
  • The "frequency" NPC config property of NPCs that move in a sine wave now works as intended.
  • Fixed various issues relating to the Buster Beetle family of NPCs.
  • Fixed various issues relating to the Charging Chuck family of NPCs.
  • Fixed various issues relating to the Baby Yoshi family of NPCs.
  • Fixed various issues relating to paddlewheels and orbits as a whole.
  • Fireballs no longer cause a visual spectacle while within clearpipes.
  • Various NPCs now display properly.


  • Block:delete() has been adjusted, fixing snake blocks errors.
  • Fixed various issues relating to Wario.
  • triggerEvent may now be called from onStart again.
  • Darkness.lua: Lights attached to BGOs will change if the BGO ID changes.
  • Clearpipes can now be properly made invisible.
  • Clearpipes will only produce sounds when the affected NPC is onscreen.
  • Various other minor fixes.