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Super Mario Bros X is an unofficial fangame created by Redigit that pays tribute to several phenomenal series! The link to the official homepage is in the menu above. SMBX2 is an Open Source expansion of Redigit's game - fixing bugs and adding tons of new features!



Play existing stages as your favourite characters - from Samus to Megaman! Even Snake and Klonoa are here! Or design your own stages and episodes around their unique abilities!



Tons of new NPCs are on the way, but for now get a taste of Magikoopa, Maverick Thwomp, and more!



The PGE Editor is simply the best way to edit levels in SMBX. There is no competition. Enjoy editing in an all new experience!

Beta 3 Changelog:

New Game Mode: Mario Challenge

NPCs Added: Bony Beetle, Maverick Thwomp, Boo Circle, Boo Laser, Bouncing Podoboo, Magikoopa, Magikoopa Magic

Blocks Added: Gliding Block, Star Block, Bomb Block, TNT Crate, Nitro Crate, Tough Star Block, NPC Pass-Through Block, Worn-out Bridge, Ice Block, P-Switch Toggle Block, Hurt Block, Instant Kill Block, Powerup Reset Block, Costume Switch Block, Mushroom Block, Fire Flower Block, Super Leaf Block, Tanooki Suit Block, Hammer Suit Block, Ice Flower Block, New Player Blocks

New Characters: Klonoa, Juni, Uncle Broadsword

Major Character Changes: Wario and Bowser completely rewritten, charge attack added to Megaman, Zelda teleport slightly reworked

Costumes Added: Mario: A2XT-Demo, SMW-Mario, SML2-SpaceSuitM, SMB3-CosmicM, Talkhaus-Horikawa Luigi: A2XT-Iris, SMW-Luigi, SML2-SpaceSuitL, SMB3-CosmicL, SMBX-Kevsoft, SMBX-Wohlstand Peach: A2XT-Kood, SMB1-Peach, SMB3-Peach, SuperTux-Tux Toad: A2XT-raocow, Hamtaro-Hamtaro, SMB3-Toad Link: A2XT-Sheath, Talkhaus-Willhart Megaman: Megaman–16BitMM, Megaman-BadBoxArtMM, Megaman-Wily, Pokemon-Pichu, Pokemon-Trainer, Ufouria-FreeonLeon, Ufouria-OChan Wario: WL3-Wario Bowser: SMB3-Bowser Klonoa: SMW2-Yoshi Ninja Bomberman: Custom-Roboman, SMB3-Waluigi Rosalina: Custom-KingBoo, Rosalina-Alternative, Touhou-Utsuho Snake: MerryGearSolid2-ColdSnake Zelda: MarioLuigi-ProfGadd, Zelda-Alternative Juni: ChronoTrigger-Alfador Samus: Contra-Bill, NesMetroid-Samus, Portal-Chell

Cheats Added: suicide, holytrinity, theessentials, jumpman, liveforever, gdiredigit, launchme, boomtheroom, instantswitch, murder, dressmeup, undress, laundryday, thestarmen, getdown, foundmycarkeys, mylifegoals, mysteryball, itsvegas, getmeouttahere, rosebud, superfightingrobot, eternalgreed, kingofthekoopas, dreamtraveler, dreamtraveller, bombingrun, cosmicpower, metalgear, ocarinaoftime, unclesam, imtiny, samusisagirl, rinkamania, horikawaisradicola, jumpforrinka, rinkamadness, worldpeace, getdemstars

Episodes Added: SMBX Greatest Hits, Return to Dinosaur Land

Systems Added: Tweaks

Misc Changes: Removed kyaa.ogg hack to The Invasion 2

Myriad bug fixes, balances, optimizations, and code cleanup